CS 4 Computer Science Bootcamp

CS 4 Computer Science Bootcamp
Winter 2018

Lab 05

In this lab, you will experiment with image watermarking.
  • Consider the image leo1.gif (size 500x500). Watermark this image using the image kate.gif (size 500x500) using the example code water.py. Watermark leo1.gif using kate.gif with bit sizes 1 to 7, and for each case extract the watermarking image from the watermarked image.
  • Repeat this experiment by watermarking leo1.gif with the UCSB logo ucsb.gif (size 500x500) and the Sun image sun500.gif (size 500x500)
  • During your demo, describe the watermarking experiments and explain the role of the bit size in each of the images: original, watermarking, watermarked, and extracted.

This lab does not require a report. A demo to the TA is sufficient.