The CPS Ed Workshop will be held in July 17-19, 2016, on the campus of Télécom ParisTech, located in central Paris, in the heart of a rich urban and cultural environment.

The workshop will be held in Amphitheater B312 in Télécom ParisTech.
Address: 46 rue Barrault 75013, Paris. Directions: URL

The Workshop Seminars and Schedule
Monday July 17, 2017

Opening and Introduction
08:30-09:00 | Patrick Duvaut and Çetin Kaya Koç   pdf

Reinforcement Learning for Cyber-Physical Safety Engineering
09:00-09:45 | Sam Green, Jieliang Luo, and Çetin Kaya Koç   pdf

Monitoring the State of the Physical Plant in a CPS to Detect and Counter Benign Faults and Malicious Attacks
9:45-10:30 | Israel Koren   pdf

Break | 10:30-11:00

Design and Verify CPS with a CSP Approach
11:00-11:45 | Alexandre Chapoutot   pdf

Catalyzing Cyber Security Innovation through Cyber Defense Competitions
11:45-12:30 | Jennifer Fowler and Amanda Joyce   pdf

Lunch | 12:30-14:00

Extended Math Programming as a Framework for CPS Models and Analysis
14:00-14:45 | John D. Siirola and Carl D. Laird   pdf

Teaching Theoretical Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems: Overview and Challenges
14:45-15:30 | Georgios Fainekos   pdf

Embedded Classifiers for Energy Constrained IoT Network Security
15:30-16:15 | Jennifer Hasler and Sahil Shah   pdf

Break | 16:15-16:45

Attack Tree Construction: An Application to the Connected Vehicle
16:45-17:30 | Khaled Karray, Jean‑Luc Danger, Sylvain Guilley, and Moulay Abdelaziz El Aabid   pdf

CPS Ed Workshop Registration: URL
Please first create an account at SciencesConf web site above, and then make the payment online using credit card information. The registration fee is 150 Euros. The accompanying person fee is 100 Euros. Please make your own reservation at any one of the hotels nearby: URL

The Workshop Seminars and Schedule
Tuesday July 18, 2017

Robust Digital Computation in the Physical World
09:00-09:45 | Jackson Mayo   pdf

"Beyond Moore's Law" Accelerators for Cyber‑Physical Systems
09:45-10:30 | Sam Green, İhsan Çiçek, and Çetin Kaya Koç   pdf

Break | 10:30-11:00

Transmedia Learning Tactics for Enhancing Hands-On Cybersecurity Training & Education
11:00-11:45 | Elaine M. Raybourn   pdf

Advancing Vehicle Cybersecurity Education through Simulation and Test Environments
11:45-12:30 | Roland Varriale and Jennifer Fowler   pdf

Lunch | 12:30-14:00

Optimal Scheduling of Automated Intersections: A Modeling Framework for Traffic Analysis, Control, and Security
14:00-14:45 | Gianluca Bianchin and Fabio Pasqualetti   pdf

Why We Should Care About Parallel Programming in Securing Cyber‑Physical Systems
14:45-15:30 | Sandro Bartolini and Biagio Peccerillo   pdf

The Multiple Ways to Automate the Application of Software Countermeasures against Physical Attacks: Pitfalls and Guidelines.
15:30-16:15 | Nicolas Belleville, Thierno Barry, Damien Couroussé, Karine Heydemann, Henri‑Pierre Charles, and Bruno Robisson   pdf

Break | 16:15-16:45

Challenges in Cyber Security ‑ Ransomware Phenomenon
16:45-17:30 | Emil Simion and Vlad‑Raul Pasca   pdf